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Best Treatment for Acne – My 3 Day Acne Cure Diary – I cured my acne and lost 7lb.

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Filed under Acne Treatment Advice This is the Best Treatment for Acne available. This is my experiement diary. I used this 100% natural acne treatment to cure my spots, zits, acne, blackheads in just 3 days. Amazing Remedy that also helped me loose 7lb in weight! acne free in 3 days,natural acne…


25 Responses to “Best Treatment for Acne – My 3 Day Acne Cure Diary – I cured my acne and lost 7lb.”
  1. beng98765 says:

    What do you eat after the three days?

  2. xoMissBeautyxo says:

    u look good im glad it worked for u but i noticed that it takes more than 3 days, uv’e been eating apple and drinking water all week right that’s how u got the good result not just 3 days right?!

  3. SierraSuicidalScream says:

    @ladysman7937 xDXDXD no offense but even derm will tell you do an enema. my derm is legit with me. no pricy pills or stupid ideas. she tells me straight up. after awhile of chit chat and apointments she gave me that book. and honestly, its amazing. your body hords gross stuff, did you know your sweat infact is the liquid out of your intestines??? i learned that in science eww. so if your intestines were cleaner, your skin might be cleaner :D just saying mate. cheers

  4. Matt8Myers says:

    do you have to do enemas and stuff?
    did you do em?

  5. MsLiaH says:

    lol your cute… ok? this is weird kinda? i don’t even know what to say?

  6. SoiPao4414 says:

    @ladysman7937 Umm.. I heard about that apples thing. Never tried it. I had incredibly intense acne. This guy has fuck all compared to what hardcore acne is. I had a mix of acne and a tropical disease I picked up in Bali. So it was super intense. I went on anti biotics to get rid of the bacteria. Then all this medical cream. (Steva-A is good for a bit) anyway. Look. Don’t drink softdrinks. Works well. And wash your face with cold water every night. So far has done best for me. Good luck man :)

  7. ladysman7937 says:

    didnt work at all for me i only ate apples and drank water and then i have been eating healthy a week after and still is hasnt gotten better just worse and i really dont feel comfortable enough to do that enema thats just gross i dont like the thought of shoving a tube up my ass and pooring water down it no thank you. i personally think chris gibson is a fagot

  8. bizonaap says:

    didnt work for me

  9. pwwj5 says:

    After all,it didn’t worked at all…
    Tried it 3 times.

  10. StickyBeatz312 says:


  11. DaBloodBitz says:

    @acneFREEcure What did you eat after the detox?

  12. eerikka801 says:

    The best acne treatment is one that will eradicate your problem for good. The American Institute of Advanced Medicine has treated thousands of patients. The medication is FDA approved with no known side effects and has a 95% success rate. this is the asnwer you have been looking for!

  13. BrianMcLelland555 says:

    nice job lad cool video

  14. 51mc4 says:


  15. kaylapaiam says:

    The American Institute Of Advanced Medicine can help! They have over 25 years experience and over 90% success rate for a varity for skin disorders including cystic acne check out their protocols really work!!

    Their medication is FDA approved with no side effects! ** Not a scam!

  16. daniloranola says:


  17. pwwj5 says:

    You were so inspiring mate.
    I tried to do this diest 2 times,but I failed,because of the need to eat something else,but now,after seeing the results,you definately made me go on,and DO this diet.
    Thank you so much!

  18. jamexicangirl says:


  19. cashoutkings says:

    what did you wash your face with morning and night

  20. Mortthemoose says:

    You are a very brave man for doing that video. I am 46 years old and have suffered from adult acne all my life!

    Am going to check out that book and try the diet. Your results are amazing!!

    Couldn’t stop laughing at you sitting on the loo!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha.

    Best Wishes – hope it keeps working for you.

  21. ChibiDr3amz says:


  22. nikhil31g says:

    wat the hel is this gggggggggooooooooooooooo helllllll

  23. BlakeF2391 says:

    This site cuts out all the bullshit and just tells you the 3 simple reasons why you have acne, and how to treat your acne. Mine cleared up in a few weeks, it could help you, its worth a shot heres the site m

  24. x15Lovex says:

    finished the detox…didnt really work and actually made my pimples more irritated for some reason…i have more bumps now and it looks worse than b4 i started the detox….not to mention the hunger i had to deal with

  25. x15Lovex says:

    im on my third day now…almost finished
    still have some bumps and redness still there…

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